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Joerg Andersch The Mercury 18th November, 2006
Paintings, Prints & Sculpture

Patricia Giles, Sandra Jenkins and Debra Luccio are the artists behind a wonderful collection of new work showing at the Colville St Gallery.

Giles, without a doubt the doyenne of Tasmanian women artists, is represented by a body of work close to the best she’s produced in a career spanning several decades. Since the 1960s, she has quietly delighted an audience not only in this state but also in major centres nationally. Her paintings do not hang in the company of such a great artist as Judy Cassab or grace the walls in the nationally acclaimed Wynne Prize or walls of the National Gallery of Australia without good cause.

Backing Giles’ work are images by Debra Luccio, a printmaker with a superb style. Well traveled and art educated, Luccio’s monotypes are sensitively handled and her drawing prowess is very evident indeed.

Sculptor Sandra Jenkins is showing a delightful series of ‘floral’ works, their simplicity and strength amazing and making a suitable foil to the other works on show.

This exhibition, too, is a feast for art lovers and not to be missed.