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Opening Night of The Sleeping Beauty on 3 March 2016

With Guest Speaker: David McAllister AM, Artistic Director of The Australian Ballet

Photographer: Filippo Messina

Debra Luccio 
The Sleeping Beauty: Images of The Australian Ballet 
2 – 27 March 2016
Steps Gallery 62 Lygon Street Carlton Vic 3053
Gallery Hours: Wed-Sun 12-4pm

+61(0)448 026 643 info@debraluccio.com  

Jack and Anna Kenneddy with Marco Luccio

Louise Steinfort Debra Luccio and Judy MacMahon

Ian McRae AOM

Antonella and Dario Zanini

Anita Bonaddio and Debra Luccio

Cliff Curtiss, Louise Lambert and Marco Luccio

Simon Bench and MC Charlotte Lennie

Roger and Ann Rogers, Geof and Ann Randles


Jo and Pam Hocking of Copamate Products with Guests


Clive and Marg Pullen


Marget Norris and Elma Crosbie

Julia and Enzo Condello

Emma and Pauline Bennetto, and Enid Ratnam-Keese

Deborah and Domenic

Elizabeth Gasperotti, Presenter

Cliff Curtiss and Louise Lambert


Cassie and Mark Michelli with Debra

Domenic and Paul Michelli

Elizabeth Gasperotti and Anne Randle

Matt McCallum and friend