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Opening Night Reception in New York Thursday 18th March 2010

Debra Luccio – Images of Dance

at the Australian Consulate General 150 E. 42nd Street New York
By Appointment until 28th March
Email:  info@debraluccio.com


Written by Mary Tokatlidis – Curator/Assistant

The opening of Debra Luccio ‘Images of Dance’ at the Australian Consulate was a resounding success with the crowds treated to a large show of powerful and evocative monotypes. A beautiful spring evening in New York City made it a perfect night for Luccio’s first New York solo show which combined two of the city’s great loves – performance and visual art.

Amongst the crowd gathered in anticipation were noted art scholars, professors, New York and international dance companies, dancers, arts club members and art lovers in general. In addition were many of Debra and Marco Luccio’s New York and Australian friends and collectors.

The guest speaker Stephen Fredericks and Debra Luccio were officially welcomed by the Deputy Consul General, Minoli Perera. Perera said it was a privilege to have an Australian artist of such high quality here. She was thrilled to have Luccio showing at the Consulate and afforded her support and wishes.

Stephen Fredericks, President of the New York Society of Etchers, delivered a powerful speech saying in reference to the monotype and Debra Luccio, “Many artists we recognize today as among the best of their respective generations – including Blake, Degas, Pissarro, Cassatt, Chase, and Whistler – were among the few who practiced and mastered monotype in their day. Personally, if she keeps it up, I think Debra Luccio will be recognized as one of these artists too.”

A particular highlight of the night for the artist was the attendance of the internationally acclaimed Rebecca Kelly Ballet and the world renowned Joffrey Ballet School. Future collaborations are already in discussion.

As wine flowed and music played, guests mingled and moved through the exhibition, commenting on the choreography of the poses and the play of light on the dancing forms. The images evoked in some their own personal experiences of attending dance performances. Others involved in the world of ballet as a profession relished seeing their craft represented visually. A homage to their hard work and dedication, traits which drew the artist to them in the first place.

Luccio delivered a lively powerpoint display where she discussed her inspirations, process and artistic evolution. Luccio spoke of the dancers themselves with their inherent sense of movement and choreography, the spatial complexity of their postures and the way the lighting compliments these movements.

Many were surprised by her technique that involves layering of etching ink on a copper sheet and then wiping back to slowly reveal an intense and richly illuminated image underneath.

This technique has become Luccio’s personal signature style and has now launched her into the New York art-world in a bold and daring display.

Hope you enjoy the photos from the night.

Mary Tokatlidis

Photos by Filippo Messina.